Welcome to 31 Tips: Living a Proactive Lifestyle

For the month of October, I am participating in Write 31 Days and I will focus each day on a tip for Living a Proactive Lifestyle. My name is Shawna Cale and I am the Got-Oils? administrator. Learn more about me here.

Each tip will lead you towards taking proactive steps for you own health by choosing wellness strategies over the alternative. Each tip will fall into one of the following categories:buildahealthyhomeandbodygraphic-700x700

  1. Nourish: Building a Healthy Foundation
  2. Support and Balance: Building a Strong Frame
  3. Clean and Protect: Maintaining a Healthy Home and Body

We have a Wellness Quiz that you make take to find your current Wellness Score. It might be fun to take it before you learn all 31 Tips and then retake it after the series to see if your Wellness Score improves.

I will be adding links for each tip once it goes live. I hope you come back daily to learn more tips on living a proactive lifestyle.

Tip #1: Cook from Scratch

Tip #2: Eat Your Fruit and Veggies

Tip #3: Eat More Green

Tip #4: Eat More Butter

Tip #5: Eat More Bacon

Tip #6: Eat More Bugs

Tip #7: Eat More Meat

Tip #8: Eat Raw

Tip #9: Eat More Fiber

Tip #10: Maintain a Healthy Weight

Tip #11: Energize!

Tip #12: Drink More Water

Tip #13: Exercise

Tip #14: Walk 

Tip #15: Sleep More

Tip #16: Early to Bed

Tip #17: Early to Rise

Tip #18: Decrease Stress 

Tip#19: Be Happy!

Tip #20: Emotional Balance

Tip #21: Build Up Your Immune System

Tip #22: Getting to the Root

Tip #23: Be Regular

Tip #24: Listen to Your Skin

Tip #25: Sunshine

Tip #26: Read the Labels

Tip #27: Clean Air

Tip #28: Ditch the Hormone Disrupters

Tip #29: Clean Naturally!

Tip #30: Choose Your Scent Wisely

Tip #31: One Step At A Time



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