Discover Ways to Optimize the Digestive System

The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. The building blocks of a healthy body is building up each and every one of our cells.


What are you building your body up with today? A rock solid foundation built with nourishing foods or a weak foundation built with processed junk.

3 ways to Build a Healthy Home and Body

#1: Nourish the cells inside and out.

#2: Support and Balance each system.

#3: Maintain with wellness strategies.

Let’s talk pH

We want the stomach to be acidic, but not the cells. Acidity in the cells- means less oxygen. alkalinity in the cells– means more oxygen. When we nourish our bodies our diet should include 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid-forming foods. If your body is already acidic you may need more like 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid-forming foods.

Citrus fruits have some of the most alkalizing effects on the digestive system even though they are very acidic before digestion. Whereas meat is very alkalizing before digestion, but very acidic after digestion.

Great resource to learn more about acid and alkaline forming foods is Nutrition 101: Choose Life!  

#1: Nourish

NingXia Red: Energize, Fortify and Revitalize

Water: Water is necessary for health. Water helps deliver nutrients to every cell in the body. It is very important in the digestive system for breaking down nutrients into smaller particles. Water in the colon helps move along waste too.

Vitality oils may be used to flavor your water, natural drink, or whole foods. Vitality oils may also be taken in a capsule as a supplement to support the body.

(Click on any of the Vitality oils to learn more about them. Resource guides are another way to dive into the properties of each of these vitality oils and how they can build up a healthy digestive system.)

#2: Support and Balance

Exercise: Enhances bodily processes, improves immune function, aids digestion and elimination, increases endurance and energy levels, increases insulin sensitivity, promotes lean body mass, and burns fat.

Supplements: The following supplements are wonderful examples of giving the digestive system extra support.

(Click on the supplement to learn more about them. Again, resource guides will give you even more information on each of these supplements and how they can benefit you on and your digestive system.)







Supporting our emotions may help enhance our digestive system even more. If you would like to learn more about essential oils and emotions please check out one of many reference guides.

  •  Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils (REP) is a favorite of many.

Each of the following essential oils may be used topically around the stomach or on the alarm point (see REP) or the VitaFlex points on the bottom of the foot or hand to enhance massage, as well as, balance and release emotions. You may also choose to use these essential oils in a diffuser.

*These oils may be used neat or with a carrier oil.

#3: Clean and Maintain

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Utilizing these Young Living products will help you optimize your digestive system by taking a step towards  your own personal wellness.

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