Did you know that if the lymphatic system stopped working you would die within 24 hours?


If there is one system that directly impacts our immunity it is our lymphatic system. If there is one system that most strongly influences the purity of our internal environment it is the lymphatic system. If there was one system that we needed to optimize to have good health it would be our lymphatic system.


3 ways to Build a Healthy Home and Body

#1: Nourish the cells inside and out.

#2: Support and Balance each system.

#3: Maintain with wellness strategies.

 Lymphatic System: 

#1: Nourish

NingXia Red: Energize, Fortify and Revitalize

Water: Water is necessary for health. Water helps deliver nutrients to every cell in the body. The lymphatic system is made of 98% water and most of our water is found in our lymphatic system. To keep it flowing we need to stay hydrated.

Vitality oils may be used to flavor your water, natural drink, or whole foods. Vitality oils may also be taken in a capsule as a supplement to support the body.

Click on any of the Vitality oils to learn more about them. Resource guides are another way to dive into the properties of each of these vitality oils and how they can build up a healthy lymphatic system.

#2: Support and Balance

The following supplements are wonderful examples of giving the body extra support including the lymphatic system.

Click on the supplement to learn more about them. Again, resource guides will give you, even more, information on each of these supplements and how they can benefit you on and your auditory system.

Balanced emotions may help enhance your lymphatic system even more. If you would like to learn more about essential oils and emotions please check out a great reference guide: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. (REP) is a favorite of many.

Each of these essential oils may be used around the ear (never inside) or on the alarm point (see REP) or the VitaFlex point on the bottom of the foot or hand to enhance massage, as well as, balance and release emotions.

*These oils may be used neat or with a carrier oil.

#3: Maintain

  • Dry brush your skin to stimulate lymph movement
  • Rebound 15-30 minutes to assist in carrying waste products away from the cells.
  • Drink 1/2 body weight in ounces of water daily to flush lymphatic system.
  • X’Tract Technique

Utilizing these Young Living products will help you optimize your lymphatic system by taking a step towards your own personal wellness.

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