Oils & Romance: A Christ Centered Class

Oils & Romance: A Christ Centered Class

Valentine's Day is on its way and love is in the air! But, love should always be in the air and especially in the bedroom;)

Event Description

You may be asking why is Christ in the title.

I believe that it is God that joins a man and woman into a relationship of mutual love. God created Eve from Adam for a companion and in the sanctity of marriage the two became one, not only unified to each other but with Christ as well. To be intimate and loving is to imitate the love Christ has for you. Having that fulfillment is the love that Christ created us for.

Often, issues in the bedroom cause issues outside of the bedroom and well, and as Lucy Libido says, “There’s an oil for that!”

We will be sharing all kinds of fun things for you and your husband to enjoy. Even better why not cuddle up together after you put the kids to bed and go through the posts together.

Date & Time
Date: 02/05/2018
Time: 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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Shawna Cale

Shawna Cale, Young Living Diamond

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