Stinky Oil Party!

Stinky Oil Party!

Is there an oil that you just can't stand to smell? Let's chat about a possible hidden meaning behind why you dislike an oil!

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“I hate the smell of that oil!”

“Then that means you need it!”

Surely you have heard someone say one of these two sentences before or maybe you have said it yourself.

I have heard some say that if an oil smells so good you feel like you could just drink the bottle, you need it on a physical level.

However, if you smell it and it repulses you, smells putrid like cat pee or vomit or gives you a headache, then that is an emotional response to the oil. It’s triggering something in the limbic system where we store memories, including trauma and emotional things.

Did you know that the sense of smell is the only sense that can reach the limbic system?

This is why emotional release techniques work. Let’s have a ‘stinky oil party’ and open up some of these oils to see which ones don’t ring your bell!

You will then write down the ones that are stinky to you and we will go through the steps outlined in the Releasing Emotional Patterns blue book to show you how to do an emotional release with the oils that you find offensive.

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Date: 04/12/2018
Time: 6:45 PM to 8:00 PM
17701 N Western Ave, Edmond, OK
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