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on January 23, 2015


Work survival kit

Do you have your work bag packed? Often we take things to work that may hinder us from a productive day. Why not take products that will not only have a positive impact on your work space, but also help you have a healthier 2015.

Thieves Mints: If you have not tried these mints you are missing out. They not only freshen your breath, but they taste great and help boost your immune system.

Stress Away: We all know that work can be a little stressful and for some VERY stressful. Using Stress Away before the stress hits is a great way to go about your day and if you see that someone coming your way that tends to stress you out roll it on quick.

Thieves Dental Floss: Perfect for after lunch. How many times have you finished lunch, gone to the restroom and saw that you have something in your teeth? Thieves Dental Floss will not only remove the unsightly pieces of your lunch from your teeth, but also help freshen your breath.

Thieves Wipes: Have you heard the studies they have done on the germs our phones and computers harbor. Not good! Thieves wipes are a quick and easy solution, just wipe your phone, computer, desk, etc to keep your work area clean.

USB Diffuser: Another great way to keep your office area clean is diffusing great essential oils like Purification. You may also need a little inspiration or help to focus while working- diffusing Motivation, Brain Power or Highest Potential are 3 great ways to stay on track while in the office.

Slique Bar: It’s 3:00pm and you have the munchies. You are trying to say “No” to the donuts in the other room. Keep a box of Slique bars in your drawer and you won’t be tempted by donuts anymore.

NingXia Nitro: Need the extra afternoon pick me up. Nitro will help increase your mental energy and give you the clarity you need to finish the day off right and you might even want to hit the gym after work because of that extra energy you feel.

If you have any questions on how to use these products feel free to contact me.

By the way my desk always has a bottle of Stress Away on it.



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