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on January 1, 2015

20152015- Starting the New Year with a Clean Slate

What I love the most about the New Year is a clean slate! Yeh, my kids say people don’t use slates anymore, but that’s how I look at the New Year.

You can say “good-bye” to 2014 and say “hello” to 2015. You can set new goals and make new plans. No matter if 2014 was the best year or the worst year of your life. Today is a new day!

I am working on my goals today. How about you?

I have some Motivation going in the diffuser and some Oola Balance on as my perfume. I find that Young Living Essential Oils help me- Motivation is a great oil to overcome fear and procrastination and to help one take action- sounds like a great New Year oil to me. My word for 2015 is Balance so I am going to make the Oola Balance my new perfume for 2015.


One of my goals this year is to spend more time blogging and teaching others about Young Living Essential Oils. This is my passion and sometimes it gets left behind so I am going to be intentional and put it on my calendar.

I am going to start the New Year with not only a clean slate but a clean body. So, the topic for January will be Cleansing. What’s the big deal about Cleansing? A lot!  Keep your eyes out for the Got-Oils? Team Leaders to share more in 2015.

If you would like to start your New Year out with Young Living Essential Oils then feel free to contact me and I will help you get started.


Have a Blessed New Year,

Shawna Cale, YL Platinum


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