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Ready for 2016?

As each year ends many of us begin to prepare for the next year by setting a vision and writing up our goals. Are you ready for 2016? Do you have goals set for both health and wealth? Steve Sheridan, author of Journey to Health & Wealth will be taking a road trip January 3, 2016 through January 19, 2016. He will be stopping in a different city each day to share his message of financial independence. Find a city near you on our Got-Oils? Calendar and sign-up for one of his events today.

Steve Sheridan

Steve Sheridan a combat veteran of 20+ years became a Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor to help his troops Fight the War on Debt by teaching them about financial security. His mission has not changed. A percentage

10 Step Plan to Health & Wealth

Step 1: Health and Wealth Education- Lifelong Learning- Be Teachable

Step 2: Serving to Success- Equipping Others Through Our Oils, Talents, Time, Touch, and Treasures

Step 3: Partial Emergency Fund- $1,000 In Cash

Step 4: Personal Protection- Insurance, Wills, etc.

Step 5: U Inc.- Building Your Young Living Business

Step 6: Waging War on Debt- Kill All Debts Except Your Mortgage

Step 7: Full Emergency Fund- 12 Months of Living Expenses

Step 8: Home-Sweet-Home- No Mortgage (Less than 15 years)

Step 9: Investing- Wealth Building and Preservation

Step 10: Life Launch Fund- Giving Your Children a Head Start in Life

Journey to Health & Wealth Events


Steve Sheridan spoke at the 2015 Young Living Convention to over 1,200 Young Living Distributors…sharing on how to have a debt-free life and business. He is passionate about sharing to husbands and wives on the YL Compensation Plan, as well as, much more.

Some other benefits/take away from his presentation…

– A solid 10 step financial plan to help distributors reduce financial stress.
– My personal oil testimony (from negative husband into active business partner).
– Relationships & Money
– 4 Money languages
– Rising Star Team Bonus explanation
– Financial & Business goal setting
– Best way to get out of debt
– How to fire your boss
– Show the dangers of the stock market & a better alternative
– Benefits of running a home based business
– Tax advantages of a home based business
– Benefits of using TaxBot
– How to run a debt-free business
– Best way to buy automobiles
– Best way to buy a home
– Budgeting/Spending Plan
– Promote Convention 2016 attendance
– Family Business – getting husband & children involved
– and so much more

Each event across the United States will be packed full of wonderful information to help you on your journey to health & wealth. Included in the ticket price is one of Steve Sheridan’s books Journey to Health & Wealth, as well as, an abundance map to keep you on track. Don’t miss one of these awesome events in January 2016-get your tickets before they are all sold out. www.got-oils.com/calendar

Got-Oils? will be hosting Steve Sheridan in Edmond, OK January 19, 2016. We are excited to have him coming to OK. This event. as well as, all of his events this January are open to all Young Living Independent Distributors and Non Young Living members.

2016 the Year of Health & Wealth

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