Love It? Share It!


Love It? Share It!

Inside every Premium Starter Kit you have everything you need to get started on your wellness journey with Young Living.

Did you know that you also have everything you need to get started sharing too?

When you bought your kit you also bought a business opportunity. No extra cost, no extra products, no storefront, no warehouse, no specific sale requirements,  just you, your Premium Starter Kit and your love for the product is all it takes to get started.

Young Living Business Opportunity

The Young Living Opportunity from Jihan Thomas on Vimeo.

Young Living Income Disclosure Statement

Young Living has equipped us with three simple steps: S.E.T

Step #1: Start

As soon as you enroll as a wholesale member with Young Living,  you receive 24% off retail. You also receive access to the generous Young Living Compensation plan.

Step #2: Essential Rewards

Join Young Living’s exclusive Essential Rewards loyalty program to enjoy monthly products with discounted shipping, Receive points back toward FREE products!

  • Months 1-3= 10% back
  • Months 4-24= 20% back
  • Months 25+= 25% back

*Free gifts at 3, 6, & 9 months. Plus a special  “Loyalty” essential oil blend at one year!

Step #3: Three+ = Free

You’ve already started with Young Living and discovered your favorite products with Essential Rewards- now share the Young Living lifestyle with three friends, and help those friends kick-start their essential oil journey with maximum discounts when they order a Premium Starter Kit.


  • More than $150 in commissions and bonuses when you help three friends sign up with a Premium Starter Kit.
  • Making your initial investment for a Premium Starter Kit practically free.
  • Build your own Young Living team, sharing the benefits of pure essential oils with others.
  • Ongoing commission and bonus earning potential as you help your team members replicate the S.E.T model for themselves.

Your Premium Starter Kit has everything you need to share:

  • Beautiful Young Living Box with Essential Oil Display: show friends and family.
  • Essential Oils:  Pass your oils around to let friends and family experience them as you tell them your favorite ways to use them.
  • Essential Oils at a Glance Card: Information on each oil to share with friends and family.
  • Young Living Catalog: Use your catalog to share the Young Living Mission, Seed to Seal Promise and Young Living Farms.
  • EO Magazine: This is a great magazine to learn more about your essential oils and share with family and friends.
  • Sample Sachet: Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 10 Sample Bottles: Share an essential oil sample.
  • 10 Love It? Share It? Cards: Place the sample bottle inside so they can learn more about the essential oil you are sharing.
  • Enrollment Form: You can have them fill out the enrollment form and then put the information into the computer for them or you can sit down and help them enroll on the computer/smartphone themselves.
  • Member Number: Make sure to share your member number so that they can get started with you.
*Whether you choose to share one-on-one or in a group setting share from your heart.

Interested in Hosting a Live or Online Class?

  • You can do it! Check out our Sharing Ideas to learn more.
  • Not ready to do it on your own? Contact your enroller/sponsor or closest leader to teach a class for you.
    • You take care of the inviting and they will take care of the teaching.
    • Once you see it done once or twice you will be ready to do the same for your new team members.

Ready to Launch Your Own Young Living Business?

  • Contact your enroller/sponsor or closest leader and let them know you are ready to launch!
  • Order Launch Kit from www.oilrevolutiondesign
  • Gameplan Book and Workbook

Ready to Enroll Your First Member?


Love It? Share It!

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I am a M.O.M: Mom on a Mission to help educate and empower other mom’s to build healthy homes and bodies and have the energy to do the things they enjoy with their families.



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