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We are blessed to have some amazing Got-Oils? Team Members and Leaders. This month we would like to Spotlight this wonderful woman who has achieved much in a short period of time.

This is what Team Leader Rhonda Flint had to say:

“This girl has been a crazy, teaching maniac!”

Team Member Jennifer Lynn:

SILVER in ONE month!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! look who went from Sr. Star to Executive to SILVER in the same MONTH!!!!!!!! 25 new members this month alone!!!!!!! You are such an inspiration and are so amazing!!!! You believed you could AND you did it!!!!!!! I am in awe of you!!! So proud of you my friend!!! She just re-enrolled her membership in June and started business building in Sept. She enrolls every person that attends her classes and events!!! She is a force and is on fire!! 🔥You are a YL legend!!!! Way to go!!!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! You earned it!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

Many are calling her a ROCK STAR!!!

We would like to announce our Spotlight Team Leader of the Month-

shannonsi6Shannon Gentile, Silver at Young Living Essential Oils,Homeschool Mom and Certified Natural Health Consultant

When we asked Shannon how she accomplished so much in a short period of time this is what she had to say.

I am a firm believer in Young Living Essential Oils and have witnessed their amazing ability to help with physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Despite having a decent foundation of natural health, it wasn’t until the middle of 2014 that I got serious and was consistent in using the oils daily. Just a couple of months later I decided to work the business aspect of Young Living and less than 8 months later hit Silver! Even more than that, jumped 2 ranks in less than a month! I absolutely love Young Living and believe wholeheartedly in their products. Their quality and integrity is unsurpassed and is beyond any other out there!

So how did you go from Senior Star to Silver in less than a month?

First, I must say that I am truly humbled and blown away at this history-making achievement. I wish I had a magic formula to share, but I don’t have a magical answer to that question. I do have a Facebook page and just relaunched my website. Media is very helpful, but I find that being able to talk to people in person is much more effective. You can not put a price on your health and there are many people seeking, but are uneducated. I seek to, if nothing else, have people walk away from me having learned something.

Do you have lots of friends or an upline that helped you?

I do not attend a big church, have oodles of friends, or even have an upline in my state and I say that to encourage anyone who may be in a similar situation and thinking that it can’t be done. Be encouraged! I am proof that it can!! I set goals for myself and exceeded them. I think that we all need to have goals – short term and long term. In April I was a Senior Star and had been for just a couple months. I had a very busy agenda filled with lots of appointments. After I was done talking to people, the majority had interest and wanted to sign up. I strategically placed people in my downline and I could see that I was approaching Executive, but even more than that, that I had the potential to pass Executive and hit Silver. This is an achievement that I did not want to let pass by!

What do you mean by lots of appointments?

By lots of appointments, I mean that I teach classes, do parties, and will talk to whoever will listen. I like to be hands on and FUN! That is how I learn best and I believe that is how most people retain information. When you show a person something as opposed to telling them, it sticks better. They will remember it.

Is there anything special you do before you teach?

Before I do any gathering, I apply Believe, and have since added Build Your Dream, as a routine before speaking. I say affirmations and truly “believe” that people will be receptive. Education is powerful.  I am ever learning and don’t try to act like a know-it-all or like I’ve arrived because I surely haven’t. I learn something new everyday and I am constantly looking for venues by which I can improve personally and help reach out to others.

Any last words to help others that want to share Young Living Essential Oils with others?

I also take pride in being the sponsor of others. I consider it a great responsibility. As a Sponsor, I was challenged a while ago by a question that I heard proposed …..”Why should anyone stick with you?” another words “Why would people want me to be their sponsor?” That really resonated with me and I take that seriously. I value being able to help others and want to be there to support my members. Anyone on my team will tell you that when they contact me, I get back to them quick. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it out. It’s what I would want and expect and so that is the least that I can do for them. I love helping others and believe wholeheartedly in God’s amazing resources (Young Living Essential Oils) and it is my passion to educate and help others know that!  Knowing that I am just a small part in helping to make a difference in the life of someone else is huge! What a blessing and privilege!

Thank you Shannon Gentile for sharing with us how you Wear, Share and Care Young Living. We are very proud of your accomplishments and consider it an honor to have you as part of our TEAM!

If you would like to learn more about Shannon Gentile or any of our awesome team leaders click here.

If you are a Got-Oils? Team member and would like to be on our Leadership page contact us today.

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