buildahealthyhomeandbodygraphic-700x700Building a Strong Frame

Building a strong frame includes supporting and balancing our body. We often spend more time thinking about disease, illness and symptoms (living below the wellness line) than we do on how we can support our body and improve our health (living above the wellness line).

Supporting our Body Systems

Our bodies are made up of many systems and parts. Each one has an important role in our health. Instead of waiting for a system or body part to become weak or out of balance (symptoms) we must continue to give it the nourishment and support that it needs to be strong.

Are you supporting your body?

Knowing how your body works and how each system works together is the first step to understanding how you can move forward on your journey to health and wellness. Choose a graphic below to learn more about that body system and how you can support it with Young Living Products.










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