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Howdy Y’all, My names Susan . I grew up in a family of Farmers. So I am a Farmer’s Daughter, but also Now a Farmer’s wife. I have currently two degrees; 1 in Horticulture Business with a minor in Business from Oklahoma State University and the other 1 is Horticulture Therapy from OSU – OKC. I am enjoying the benefits of essential oils and you should too!

For the longest time i have struggled with sinus infections and respiratory infections. I was constantly on medications that wouldn’t fix the problem. I was constantly 1 to 3 or more times a month at the doctor for meds and the meds were causing other problems. I finally decided to take a chance on essential oils and glad I did. For months now I haven’t been back to the doctor and as long as I take my oils I have regained my sense of smell and taste!

Please don’t hesitate to message me for more info! I don’t mind being asked for help when someone struggling.

As of my journey since Jan… I have now lost as of May from not exercising 20lb. Yay me!

As for my husband Jerod… He was very skeptical about me taking the oils and his -self,but he is now on board. Since about March To May now He’s been taking less and less of heartburn meds…. He’s had a Hidel hernia for years now and oils have been helping a lot for him.

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Susan -Horticulture Business with a minor in Business and Horticulture Therapy
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Susan- Head Cook / Jerod - self employed Handyman and farmer
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Using oils since January 23, 2018
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Essential Oils Perkins, OK
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