Thinking about oilsWe are so excited that you are “THINKING” about essential oils.

We at Got-Oils? are all about educating and we know that some like to sink in and learn all they can at one time, while others like to take it slow. Choose your option below.

Thinking E-Course




Option #1: This 7 Day E-Course will help you understand more about Essential Oils and living a healthy lifestyle. Each day you will receive an e-mail with information to help answer questions people typically have regarding essential oils. Click on the E-Course to get started today.




Option #2: Learn all you can right here on our website. Just follow the 7 Steps below and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

#1: Often the first question is What? Watch our 1st Video in the Thinking Series: What is an Essential Oil?

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#2: Read more here: What are Essential Oils?

#3: Often the next question is WHY?  Please watch our 2nd Video in the Thinking Series: Why do I need Essential Oils?

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#4: The next question is typically Where? Those of us at Got-Oils? choose to buy our essential oils from Young Living because of the Seed to Seal Promise. To learn more watch our Seed to Seal Presentation.

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Listen to this mom- Hannah Crews share her beliefs. 


#5: Seed to Seal is such an important part of Young Living and what sets us apart from all other Essential Oil companies that we even have a website dedicated to this process. Go to or Click here to watch videos on the 5 Step Seed to Seal Process.

#6: What is the Young Living Lifestyle? Watch This is Young Living Video below.

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#7: Getting Started: Learn more about How to Get Young Living Essential Oils

If you have not attended an Essential Oils 101 Class here is your opportunity.

 Essential Oils 101 by Sarah Harnisch

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