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What is living a proactive lifestyle?

What does being proactive actually mean, and how can we turn a reactive lifestyle into a proactive lifestyle? It is truly a practice of mindfulness that develops into key habits that allow you to be less reactive.


We are all guilty of being reactive from time to time, usually without even knowing it. Being reactive is a response to not being prepared ahead of time and reacting to the situations as they happen. (Example: Hurry up kids we will stop and get donuts for breakfast.)


Being proactive is having a plan ahead of time to avoid problems or manage the day with less stress. We all know that breakfast will be coming in the morning, Living a proactive lifestyle is having a breakfast plan ready. 

attachment-1-2Tip #1: Cook from scratch

You might just be surprised at what happens when you start to cook from scratch. This one tip alone may change your life. Whenever, we start a new habit it’s amazing how that one key habit will flow into other areas of our life. Sure, one great reason to cook from scratch is that you have to use REAL FOOD. It also helps you get away from living a reactive lifestyle of rushing here and there and not knowing where your next meal will come from. Most of us know that processed and fast food is not good for us, but when we are hungry and have nothing planned or prepared, we REACT and find food fast.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail.- Ben Franklin


3 Practical Ways to Get Cooking

1. Recipes

If you are used to cooking from a box, calling the local delivery boy or stopping at a fast food establishment then having some recipes on hand will make cooking from scratch much easier. Chances are you have a cookbook or two, if not, no worries. We live in an age that finding a recipe is as easy as typing into google what ingredients you have and it spitting out a recipe to you. But, remember our goal is being proactive so let’s move on to practical way number two.

2. Menu

Starting the week off with a menu is a great proactive habit. Ask your family what sounds good to eat this week, or if you prefer to make all the choices yourself then go for it. Write down: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and then write down what that meal will be. Our family loves to put the menu right on the refrigerator so everyone knows the plan. It also allows others in the family to get the meal started. (My favorite part)

3. Grocery List

Now that you have your menu set, begin to write down the ingredients you will need to make each item on your menu. The great part about this is you are less likely to react to that carton of ice cream, because it’s not on your list. No more wandering down each aisle trying to find breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Putting it all together

If you would like to see my Recipes, Menu Plan, and/or Grocery List then click on the word. I will be linking to them this week with each post.

I hope you find Tip #1 helpful in living a more proactive lifestyle. When we begin to live proactively we are participating in wellness which leads to health. If you are not sure how proactive you are currently living then I invite you to take the Wellness Quiz to find out your Wellness Score.

This month I am not alone in participating in the write 31 days challenge.  Several bloggers have some great ideas this month that may help you on Tip #1. Click on the box to learn more.




If you would like to learn more tips, I will be adding to this list each day.



Have a proactive day,shawnapic1

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2 thoughts on “Tip #1: Cook From Scratch

  1. I find that meal planning makes the week go so much smoother! Occasionally there is a meal when I had planned leftovers but the original meal didn’t make as much, but most of the time – it’s great! I also try to keep some extra meat in the freezer and several bags of frozen veggies. It’s not the same as fresh, but it’s not fast-food either! 🙂

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