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We need energy every single day to successfully go through life and enjoy it. Yet, one of the most common complaints we hear today is, “I have no energy!”

Is this you?

Did you know that there are certain foods, drinks and activities that can drain your energy? Today, people often look to caffeine, sugar or both to get a quick energy fix, but it is that truly the solution or just part of the bigger problem?

Could there be natural ways that give you more sustaining energy without all the negative side effects?

I believe you can live a more energized life with a more proactive lifestyle.

10 Natural Ways to Energize Today

  1. Sunlight: Getting sunlight every morning for 15-20 minutes is like plugging your battery in each and every day. “Sunlight energizes and elevates mood,” says Dr. Lorraine Maita, a board certified internist.
  2. Get moving: Whether it is doing a few stretches, an early morning yoga class, or a 15 minute morning walk moving the body is a great morning energy boost.
  3. Coconut oil: The triglycerides found in coconut oil are a fast-acting energy source that your body can use more quickly than coffee and doesn’t have the negative side effects.
  4. Protein rick breakfast: Protein helps your brain cells function properly and fight that foggy brain feeling.
  5. Drinking water: Often our battery is low because we are dehydrated. Drinking water throughout the day will help energize without the need of a stimulant.
  6. Sit up straight: Good posture can give you more energy. A forward head can affect the arteries that bring blood to your brain and your muscles will require more energy to hold you up.
  7. Tap your thymus: Your thymus is located at center top of your chest, below the collar bone. For an instant boost of energy:  tap your thymus with your fingertips for 20 seconds while slowly and deeply breathing in and out.
  8. Breathe deep: Inhaling and exhaling completely is one of the best energizers. Breathe in for a count of 6, hold your breath for a count of 3 and then exhale completely for a count of 6 while relaxing all your muscles. Repeat several times.
  9. Stand Up: Sitting too long constricts your blood vessels and zaps your energy. Stand up and move around for a few minutes to get your blood pumping.
  10. Sleep 7-9 hours every night: Sleep is how your battery recharges each and every night. No sleep= no energy.

Putting It All Together

Living a proactive lifestyle is not about using something to give you energy It is about starting and your day with  healthy choices. When we choose natural ways to energize our body, we won’t need to jump start an empty battery. Tips #1-10 gave us some great ways to nourish our body in a way that we have energy to get started. I hope today, tomorrow and the next you will choose a few of these natural ways to energize your body and have a battery that allows you to have the energy to do the things you enjoy.

Supporting and balancing a healthy body may not always be easy, but we can do simple things to help. If you are not sure how proactive you are currently living then I invite you to take the Wellness Quiz to find out your Wellness Score.

If a lack of energy is a problem for you then I highly recommend our Growing E-Course, we go into more detail about energy busters and ways to help support our bodies to live a life full of energy. If you would like to take part in our Free Growing E-Course click here. 

I am enjoying this write 31 days challenge and I hope that you are finding these tips beneficial to living a more proactive lifestyle.




If you would like to learn more tips, click on the box. I will be adding tips daily.



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