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Happy! What is it and why do we need to be happy?

Happiness is the state of being content and showing pleasure.

How many times have you heard “just be happy” or the word “happy” being in a song? Being happy may seem more like a result than a tip, but it has actually been found to be an important driving force to living a more proactive lifestyle. Each and every day we may not get to choose what happens to us or around us, but we do get to choose whether or not we will be happy. Need a little help in the happy department?

Top 10 Ways to Be Happy

  1. Set goals: Several research studies show that goals really do seem to add a sense of meaning, direction, and focus to life that can easily become absent if we don’t have anything we are currently striving for. We are much happier when we know where we are going.
  2. Plan fun: Fun rarely happens by accident. Plan a vacation, day trip, game night, date or movie night. Research shows the actual planning and the anticipation of the fun is what makes one happy.
  3. Practice gratitude: Studies have shown writing letters of gratitude or keeping a gratitude journal will increase your happiness.
  4. Meditation: Meditation literally clears your mind and calms you down, it’s been often proven to be the single most effective way to live a happier life.
  5. Smiling: Don’t feel happy? Try thinking positive thoughts like your favorite place on earth and smile. You might just find your happy place.
  6. Helping others: The Journal of Happiness Studies published a study that showed people who volunteer or spend money on others are happier than when they spend money on themselves.
  7. Spending time outside: Studies show that fresh air and natural environments made people more happy. One study even found that 57 degrees is when happiness is maximized. Whether, going for a walk or sitting and watching the sunrise twenty minutes outside will help you to be happy.
  8. Spend more time with friends and family: Several studies have found that time spent with friends and family makes a big difference to how happy we feel.
  9. Sleep: We learned in Tip #13 we need more sleep, research shows that sleep deprivation affects the hippocampus where pleasant memories that make us happy are stored.
  10. Exercise: We discussed the benefits of exercise in Tip #15. Studies show exercise increases proteins and endorphins that make you happy. People who exercise are more happy than those that do not.

Putting It All Together

Are  you happy? Would others call you a happy person? Being happy truly is a proactive state that allows us to move forward making healthy choices daily. If you find it difficult to find your happy place then start by adding a few of the top ways to be happy to your day.

Being happy is just one part of living a life of wellness, that leads to better health. If you are interested in learning how proactive you are currently living then I invite you to take the Wellness Quiz to find out your Wellness Score.

Our Growing E-Course has great tools and recommendations to help you on your wellness journey. I would love to share Day #34  our Happy Days email that has some great happy diffuser recipes. If you would like to take part in our Free Growing E-Course click here. 

I am enjoying this write 31 days challenge and I hope that you are finding these tips beneficial to living a more proactive lifestyle.




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