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attachment-1-66Each of the 31 Tips have been building blocks to living a life of health and wellness. The first ten tips were building our foundation with nutrition. Tips 11-20 were habits that help support and balance a health body. Today we will begin a series of tips that will help us  protect and maintain a healthy body by building it up instead of tearing it down.

The immune system is our protector. If we do not build it up, it can not do its job. We need a healthy immune response to fight against infections and disease. If the immune system is not working optimally then we find ourselves getting sick and living below the wellness line.

If the immune system becomes over active due to a high rate of invaders into the body then you begin to see the  immune system attack itself- this is what we call autoimmune diseases.

Finding the balance to a healthy immune system is key to living a healthy, energetic life. Let’s discover the top 10 ways to balance the immune system.

Top 10 Ways to Balance the Immune System 

  1. Probiotics: Anywhere from 70-80% of the immune system lies within the lining of the gut. Probiotics help build up the good bacteria. Healthy gut = healthy immune system.
  2. Enzymes: Enzymes are essential for digestion and metabolic function and  beneficial for your immune system. Enzymes will help you absorb more nutrients from your food to better support your immune system, and overall health.
  3. Decrease stress: Research has shown that immune system activity drastically decreases when you’re stressed.
  4. Sleep: Sleep resets your immune system and allows it to work more efficiently.
  5. Sunshine: Sunshine is the best way to increase Vitamin D an important nutrient to keep your immune system strong.
  6. Exercise: A moderate amount of exercise, 30 minutes of walking, has been found to help balance the immune system.
  7. Chicken soup: Research has even shown that chicken soup helps the immune system do its job. Read more here.
  8. Removing inflammatory triggers: Often toxins, allergens and certain foods are inflammatory triggers. Finding them and removing them allows your immune system to stay balanced.
  9. Drinking pure water: Water helps flush toxins and helps increase lymph production to keep things moving nicely throughout the body.
  10. Positive emotions: Studies have shown that positive emotions improve immune function.

Putting It All Together

Isn’t it awesome that eight out of the top 10 ways to balance the immune system were tips we have already discussed? Guess what, we will be finding out even more about the other two as we continue this series.

Building up our immune system is achieved simply by living a proactive lifestyle by following the other tips we have discussed. If you are interested in finding out how proactive you are currently living, then I invite you to take the Wellness Quiz to discover your Wellness Score.

Our Growing E-Course has great tools and recommendations to help you on your wellness journey. If you would like to dive deeper into how the immune system works you can check out Day 37 from our Growing E-Course. If you would like to take part in our Free Growing E-Course click here. 

I am enjoying this write 31 days challenge and I hope that you are finding these tips beneficial to living a more proactive lifestyle.




If you would like to learn more tips, click on the box. I will be adding tips daily.



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