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on November 16, 2014

Got-Oils? Team Top 12



#1: Relaxation

Jill Garst, Nature’s Nurse

#2: Moisturizer

I add it to my night time moisturizer and apply it around my eyes and eyelids first. It helps my dry eyes caused by wearing contacts.- Sandy Schwartz

#3: Mascara

A drop or two of lavender added to a tube of mascara.- Peri Ground

#4: Itchy Eyes

A drop activated on the hands and then cupped over the eyes has greatly helped with dry, itchy eyes. Rhonda Flint, YL Platinum

#5: Bath Time

I use lavender to make my son’s after bath/night time lotion with coconut oil.- Samantha Goza

#6: Beauty

Apply to face….- Susan Keller

#7: Sleep

Run in hands then brush pillow for a good night’s sleep!- Kristin Clough Do

#8: Eyebrows

Lavender over your eyebrows after waxing them…redness and puffiness gone in a zap!- Michelle Walz Hessman

#9: Dry Skin

Chapped hands and dry skin. – Kristin Menath

#10: Stress Reducer

Lisa Widener Reigh

#11: Deodorant

Make my deodorant with lavender…sugar scrub. Diffuse…love it! -B.C. Roye

#12: Foot Massage

Mixed with a little coconut oil for a sweet night night foot massage on my grandsons when they have overnight visits with Mimi.- Julia Donaldson

It appears Lavender Essential Oil really is the “Swiss Army Knife” of all oils.

These are just 12 out of many ways you can use Lavender on a daily basis.

Need some Lavender Essential Oil?

Have a wonderful day,

Got-Oils? Team


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