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on May 4, 2016

May Promotion


Every month Young Living has some outstanding promotion that allows you to get free product when making an order. Often, people look at the PV amount and think I don’t have that much money to spend on essential oils.

You are not alone.

The great thing about Young Living is it is much more than just an essential oil company. It is a Wellness Company and they have products that you buy each month from your local grocery store or Super Center, the difference is you get to buy it wholesale and it’s not full of toxins like most of the commercial products you buy at your local store. Even better they drop it right off at your door and if you participate in Essential Rewards you even receive product credit every month.

Let’s look at some ways you can transfer your normal monthly buying to Young Living products, save money and earn some great products all at the same time.


Whether your budget is big or small, we need to be great stewards of our money.

190 PV

This month if you order 190 PV, Young Living will send you a 15 ml bottle of Melrose ($19.75) , 5 ml bottle of Manuka ($35.75) and if you order it on Essential Rewards a 5ml bottle of Cedarwood ($11.25). Since you will be receiving up to $66.75 in free oils this allows you to spend your $190 on items you would normally buy monthly at the local store. The following items are great for everyday cleaning that you need to buy anyway.  Added bonus most of these items will last you for 3+months because they are so concentrated and only require a small amount.

Total PV=190             ER Points Earned: 10%=19, 15%=28.50, 20%=38

250 PV

Maybe your budget allows you to move up to the next level: 250 PV. This will allow you to order and receive everything above, plus with an extra $60.00 worth of product Young Living will add another 20 ER credits. Why not add a few things you need to wash your hair and your body.

Total PV=251           ER Points earned: 10%=45, 15%=57 20%= 70

Now you are set with cleaning products for the home and body without ever leaving your home.

325 PV

If your budget will allow the next level of 325 PV, you will also receive a FREE Dew Drop Diffuser worth $63.75. I know it sounds crazy, but it is TRUE! This is a great time to increase your nutrition with NingXia Red.

Total PV= 326.50           ER Points earned= 10%: 52, 15%=68.25, 20%=85

425 PV

The next level is so awesome that if you have it in your budget to clean your home, body and give your whole family the NingXia Red daily for $425, you will also receive a FREE ART Skin Care System!!! This product alone is worth $109.75!!!!

*Instead of ordering the NingXia Red 2 Pack and Lip Balm.

ningxiared3-700x515Trade it for the NingXia Red Essential Rewards Kit for $181.75.


  • NingXia Red 4 pack.
  • NingXia Red Singles, 2 oz., 30 pk.

Yes! That means you choose $425 worth of products you need in your home and already have budgeted and instead of going to the store and buying it, you buy it through Young Living. Then Young Living will send you $240.25 worth of free products and you will earn ER Points at 10%=52.50, 15%=83.75, 20%=105 to spend later.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be expensive. Continue to live a life of wellness with Young Living.



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