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on January 4, 2016

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Print off your own Wellness Plan Worksheet: Click Here

41 thoughts on “Wellness Webinar

    1. Shawna , you did a great job. Thanks for all the encouragement and information. I am writiting down my goals and plan to make changes one step t a time…

  1. Loving the webinar; I’m watching now! Thanks for your encouragement and stellar leadership, Shawna. You have inspired me to be a better me so that I can have energy and hope to pass on to others.

  2. Ready to learn how to support my endocrine system! Also finding ways to keep my muscles and bones strong while vigorous exercise is not an option (it is counterproductive to my health at the moment :/ ) Having a written PLAN will be the new part for me.

    1. Often it’s just taking those 3 steps Assess, Write and Do that gets us where we want to go. You have ASSESSED and know what your body needs and doesn’t need and now WRITING it down and DOING it will get you one step closer.

  3. Thank you so much Shawna! I tend towards eating healthier but over the past few months, I’ve really started getting away from those habits. Yesterday, my husband, his parents, and I all started a detox cleanse and have committed to eating better. For accountability, I decided to document our recipes and progress on my food blog (https://kwadleycooks.wordpress.com) so I can make sure we’re staying on track! My husband and I are also planning on getting back into a work out routine this week and have been educating ourselves on the benefits/uses of essential oils so we can make the most of our starter kit. We’re so excited to be getting back on track and to feel more energized everyday!

  4. Working on my wellness goals now, headed to the gym. Thank you so much for the wellness quiz and tips for follow up!

  5. I know this has helped motivate me to actually DO the things I always say I should do.
    I will start writing down goals!
    I will take responsibility for my wellness in 2016!
    I’m pretty new to Young Living and I love that it’s clear we aren’t just about selling oils. It’s truly about helping ourselves and others be well.
    Thanks Shawna!

    1. Brittany, Thanks so much. Our goal is to truly help others with Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. It’s hard to do it on our own, but with the Young Living family and the Got-Oils? team it really makes each step easier.

  6. First time to blog. My action is healthier eating habits. 5 days today with no coffee…instead …banana blueberry strawberry YL vanilla protein drink. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Thanks Shawna. I am writing down my health and wellness goals right now. Didn’t wait for the new year to start them but I didn’t write them down. I see the power in having that before you as you journey. I watched directly from the link in facebook on my phone. Wasn’t interactive at all. I’ll know better what to do next time.

    1. Rhenea, Thanks for watching. Live interaction is hard, we had some technical difficulties and even those on the google hangout on air didn’t get to participate much. We are all learning:)

    2. Thank you all so much for attending the Wellness Webinar today. I have your names and about to draw some winners! I will post them on our Got-Oils? FB Page and send you a personal email with your gift.

  8. I need to get my pen and paper and really write down my goals: I never realized the importance of this until watching the webinar!

  9. Encouraging and a great reminder to me to set small goals so I don’t become overwhelmed and discouraged! Thank you! Ready, set, “I choose to print my wellness plan and get started”

  10. Wow Shawna! Very inspiring! So each day on my wellness paper I’m going to write either I met my goal or I chose not to. That should make me meet more. Thank you!

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