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on January 7, 2016

2016: A Year of Results

3 Easy Steps

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Can you believe it is 2016?

Who is excited about the New Year? I love new beginnings. I love a new day , I actually love Mondays- It’s a fresh start to a new week.

Have you ever heard the expression, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”?


Many of us don’t like change. I like to say, “I only like change if I get to change it”. What I found is I do! I am the one that gets to decide what I am going to do. Let’s be honest some things need to change.

I like how John Maxwell says it:  We can’t expect to get better results if we’re not willing to change how we do things. .

For most of us, it’s not a question of if we want to change, but how. We want a better tomorrow. We have desires, dreams, and hopes. Maybe we have a habit we want to break. Or a goal we want to reach. Or a skill we want to develop.

We know in our hearts that if we want our life to be different, we have to become different.

In other words, WE need to change.

As a person many changes are within our control; we can do something about it. Isn’t that a relief? Each of us can grow and improve.


You get to choose if you want to grow. John Maxwell says to do that you must commit to taking steps of growth daily, and by doing that you will be on your way to reaching your potential.

If you keep learning and growing every day over the course of many years, you will be astounded by how far it will take you.

That doesn’t mean growth is always easy. It takes time, and it requires us to change. And that can be hard. But the rewards of growth far outweigh the sacrifices. When we commit to growing, we open the door to a meaningful life. We get the chance to make a positive impact on our world.

Think about the transformation that could occur if you chose to grow, and did something to grow a little each day. You could increase your impact on the world and live a more fulfilling life, every day.

This is why we have put together the Got-Oils? Website and the Wellness Quiz for you.

We want to help you Grow your Wellness.

3 Easy steps to get Results in 2016.

  1. Assess

  2. Write

  3. Do

Let’s get started! We have put together a Wellness Plan Worksheet to help you. Are you ready to set up your wellness plan? Wellness Plan Worksheet or get a piece of paper and pencil out.

Step #1- ASSESS:

Before you can start anything you need to know where you are at. Think about going on a trip. You won’t know if you need to go north or south to get to your destination unless you know where you are starting from.

If you took the Wellness Quiz then you have already completed the first step.- REMEMBER I SAID THESE were EASY.

The Wellness quiz is divided into 3 AREAS.

Area #1: Building a Healthy Foundation- Nutrition

Area#2: Building a Strong frame- Balance and Support

Area 3: Maintaining a healthy home and body. Clean and Protect

How many of you have already taken the Wellness Quiz? Were you surprised by your score? Is Better Health and Wellness a goal of yours for 2016?

This information will help you to know where you are on your health and wellness journey, but to actually get somewhere- RESULTS we have to START! Where you are doesn’t matter  What matters is that you start.

So lets start at the top of your wellness plan worksheet you will see a place for the date and your total wellness score. We also have a place to write each score in each area.

Next to each area we have an easy way to get started in improving that area. Each of the Young Living Premium Starter Kits have products that can help you on your journey.

We also have 3 Free 30 Day Starting E-Courses that will help you learn more about using those products.

Why 30 days?

Research has shown that when we put our minds to doing something every day that our brain actually changes. Something that was once difficult becomes easier, something that seemed impossible becomes possible, and goals that were fantasies become results! If you want a guide to help you on your journey then sign up for a Wellness E-Course today. Just go to the Got-Oils? Home page and scroll down to the Starting button.

Now the next area on the Wellness Plan Worksheet is a place to write your wellness goal(s).

What are your Wellness Goals for 2016?

Did you know that it has been found that you are 300% more likely to reach a goal if you write it down.

Step #2 WRITE!

Let’s talk about why people don’t set goals or write them down. Anyone want to guess why?

FEAR- Fear is the #1 Reason.

  • Fear that you won’t finish.
  • Fear that you will fail.
  • Fear that people will think you are crazy.
  • Fear that people will say I told you so.


Did you know that you will never finish something that you never start. That means by not setting the goal you will not get one step closer to where you want to go. Don’t you think we should be more afraid of not getting anywhere then of writing down a goal?

I want you to look back 10 years. Did you have a deep desire or a dream that you never put down on paper? Did that dream or desire ever come true?

Now let’s fast forward to 2017? I know it is barely 2016, but let’s look into the future. Nothing has changed, everything you have right now is the same. You have not changed, you are the same.

Are you okay with that?”

Maybe your area of weakness is building a healthy foundation and you are still eating foods that make you gain weight. Maybe you find that you have gained another 10 lbs.

“Are you okay with that?”

Maybe your area of weakness is building a strong frame and you find that walking for 10 minutes is difficult for you.

“Are you okay with that?”

Maybe your area of weakness is maintaining a healthy home and body and you find that each month you are falling below the wellness line due to the toxins in your home.

“Are you okay with that?”

If you are not okay with the picture you see for yourself in 2017 if you change nothing in 2016, let’s change that picture. I want you to spend some time imagining that it is January 2017. What looks different about your life? what looks different about you? How is 2017 different from right now, from today? Now write it down in your wellness goals section or on your piece of paper and DREAM BIG.

What if you did #1 and Assessed where you were and chose a 30 day e-course that helped guide you in your weakest area. What if you wrote down some goals, took action and things changed. What if you didn’t get sick all year long? What if you could walk for an hour with no problems? What if you lost 20 lbs of fat?  What could life be like for you in 2017? If you day you decided to write down your goals.

I hope that you can see how important Step #1 and Step #2 can be to getting the HEALTH and WELLNESS RESULTS you want in 2016.


Did you know that goals without ACTION is just a FANTASY.

Typically we write or say OUTCOME GOALS.  These are goals like, “I want to lose weight’. You are stating the outcome you desire.

How are you going to meet your goals? Sure writing them down increases your chances of meeting them by 300%, but only if you DO step #3: DO is the key word.

Step #3: DO

What you do is not as important as you DOING SOMETHING THAT LEADS YOU CLOSER TO YOUR GOALS.

That something may be very small. Maybe you have a goal of walking for an hour.

If someone was to ask you, “What do I need to DO to be able to walk an hour?” What would you say?

Maybe you would say,” Put on your shoes”, or “Set a timer and walk 10 minutes”.

Whatever you think someone else should do is probably the best thing for you to do. Isn’t it easier to talk the talk then walk the walk?

REMEMBER today we are not just going to talk the talk but walk the walk. That means we are not just setting goals, but actually working towards achieving the health RESULTS you desire.

Let’s walk the walk in 2016.

Today is the day to write down 3 Daily Action Steps for 30 days. I will… is a great way to start!

  1. I will put on my tennis shoes every day.
  2. I will go outside every day.
  3. I will walk 10 minutes every day.

All 3 of those actions get you moving towards your goal of walking for 1 hour without problems.

Maybe you have 3 Wellness Goals you want to work towards..

You could set a different daily action for each one. Again I will… or even I choose… is a great way to start.

  1. I will drink 6 cups of water every day.
  2. I choose to eat a vegetable with each meal.
  3. I will go for a walk 5/7 days a week.

Your wellness goals can be BIG-They are the OUTCOME you desire. Make your action steps doable-something that you can DO and SUCCEED in doing in 30 days..

How do you get RESULTS- Take small steps- one step, one day at a time. Don’t worry about what you are going to do next month, don’t over think it . Just START with 1 step and move forward and before you know it something that was ordinary will become extraordinary.

Mother Teresa said if you can’t feed 100 people, just feed 1.

“Just get started”.

You are never going to finish something that you don’t start.

We only have one 2016. You only get one life. What are you going to do with it?

Every morning, I listen to Darren Hardy. It takes maybe -5 min’s of my day 5 days a week. This past week he had us repeat this:

This year is my turning point. From this moment forward, I am taking consistent action to change my life. Starting right now, life will never be the same.”-Darren Hardy

If you are ready to make some changes and I think you are or you wouldn’t be reading this, then I recommend that you fill out the front of your wellness plan and sign up for one of our Starting E-Courses. In the month of January we are going to give out 3 Gifts to those that are participating in the E-Courses on a daily basis. We have some great prizes and you will find them on the website starting on Friday, January 8, 2016.

Now I hope showing you these 3 Easy Steps will inspire and motivate you to not only set Wellness Goals for 2016, but also to write Daily Action Steps.

Now tomorrow when it is time to do those steps you can choose to do it or you can can choose not to do it. Just don’t use an excuse. Excuses are what stop dreams, plans, ambitions and even effect our health.

Take responsibility and own your choices.

Read your goals and actions every day. Make note cards, write them in your planner,tape them to your mirror or put them in front of the toilet. Just make sure you put them somewhere that you will see them and read them every day. Now each time you read them either DO the action steps, say I did… or choose to say I am not going to do…today. Don’t let excuses STOP you from living a life of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

Remember we get to choose if we want to change. What are you going to choose today?

Are you going to let excuses STOP you from living the life of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance?

Remember 3 Easy Steps to RESULTS in 2016!

#1- ASSESS where you are.

#2- WRITE down your goals and action steps.

#3- DO- what you set out to do without excuses.

Let’s make 2016 a Year of RESULTS!


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  1. I am just now catching this video on Friday morning. It is great and you inspired me to really make 2016 a great year! I loved when you said, “Excuses are what stops our dreams.” Happy 2016 to you!

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